Utilities Infrastructure Protection

The Threat to Utilities Infrastructure is Real, Drone Detector® Can Help

Many institutions are concerned that drones can be used to disrupt or destroy their infrastructure. Drone Detector can be used to protect your assets by delivering an early warning when drones are in the vicinity. This allows time to respond appropriately to the threat.

According to Newsweek:

[…] Drones can pose a number of problems for [utilities infrastructure]. Flyovers could be used for reconnaissance by hostile actors, for example in the collection of photos and video footage of guard movements and the site layout. This could help to prepare for a ground-based attack. Drones could also provide air support in the event of an actual ground-based attack: They could drop explosives to damage power or communications networks, or could deliver weapons to insiders within the plant. Drones could also be used to bomb spent-fuel pools, which are less well protected than reactor cores. The flights have also exposed troubling vulnerabilities in attribution, detection and interception. Identifying the perpetrators has proved difficult thus far. Security experts appear stumped and have offered up any number of potential culprits that include “hobbyists,” anti-nuclear groups, business competitors, terrorist organizations and nation states. […]

We recommend our Stationary Drone Detector for:

Primary Infrastructure: Plants, Storage Tanks, etc...

Secondary Infrastructure: Power Stations, Oil Wells, etc...


We recommend our Portable Drone Detector for:

Key Personnel: Executives, Security Teams, Visiting VIPs, and Vehicles

Special Events: Company Retreats, Picnics, or Other Events