Portable Unit

DM610R Portable Drone Detector®

Product Description

The DM610R Portable Drone Detector is designed to detect recreational and commercial drones while on the go. It has a detection range of up to 1 kilometer.

DM610R provides advance notice of drones commonly used by criminals and terrorists. Alerts are sent and can be linked to alarms and security response teams. Forensic data, such as a unique identifier for an intruding drone, is preserved for legal proceedings. Custom Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) allow for easy integration with existing systems.


  • Advanced warning of drones used by unauthorized operators
  • For vehicles, ad hoc events, and other mobile situations
  • BlueTooth® enabled notifications for security teams
  • Open API for integration into operation centers and security systems

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Technical Specifications

Device Type Multi-Layer Authentication
Connectivity Wireless LAN (B/G/N) | Ethernet | BlueTooth® | 3G Cell Connection (additional cost) | Satellite Connection (additional cost)
Power Supply Rechargeable Portable Battery Onboard (up to 9 hours)
Size 19.78" x 15.77" x 7.41" (50.2 x 40.1 x 18.8 cm)
Operating Temperature -40 / 210° F (-40 / 99° C)
Software Configuration Interface on Product | Drone Labs Support
Software Updates Firmware Updates | Drone Signature Updates
Hardware Updates Detection Unit Updates | Master Control Unit Updates | Additional Features (i.e. Video) are included in hardware updates
Alerts and Messaging Text Messaging (SMS)* | SNMP(Email) | Voice Call (availability varies by country)* | API (ODATA, JSON, XML, and custom messaging as needed) | SNMP Trap
Material Polypropylene | IP67 | MIL C-4150J | STANAG 4280 | Def Stan 81-41 | 3 Micron Hydrophobic Non-Woven Purge Vent

Drone Detector Sensors Cover Everything

Full 360° Up to 1 Kilometer


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