Military Protection

Drone Detector® for Military And Homeland Security

Drones present a real and present danger to military base protection and homeland security. “Low, Slow, and Small” drones are a growing threat that legacy systems will not detect. Unlike other drone notification systems, Drone Detector uses multiple vectors to ensure a high confidence level when detection occurs. Drone Detector can integrate with existing systems for use in a variety of response scenarios.

According to Extreme Tech:

[Isis] released video footage captured by an off-the-shelf drone of a Syrian military base it later attacked. It has been speculated that the video is from a $500 DJI FC40 model. While not exactly an air force yet — the caption on the video read “From the drone of the army of the Islamic State,” it is likely only a matter of time that well-funded terrorist organizations like ISIS find a way to stock up on these inexpensive items. Obviously, the utility of cheap, battery-powered, consumer-grade, drones is relatively limited — mostly to surveillance and target-spotting for now — but those aren’t the only drones being used by terrorists and small countries without traditional air forces.

We recommend our Stationary Drone Detector for:

Primary Infrastructure: Urban Areas, Military Bases, Camps, FOB's, and More...

Secondary Infrastructure: Port Installations, Stores, Power Stations, and More...


We recommend our Portable Drone Detector for:

Key Personnel: Officials, High Ranking Officers, Security Teams, Visiting VIPs, and Vehicles

Special Events: Retreats, Picnics, or Other Events