Law Enforcement

Drone Detector® for Law Enforcement

Drones are being used for all manner of illegal activities. For example, drones are used to smuggle contraband, cell phones, and weapons into prisons world-wide. Drone Detector provides protection by warning when drones are nearby. Alerts are sent automatically and can be linked to other security systems. All data is preserved to provide evidence if legal action is warranted. You can enhance any security protocol with Drone Detector technology.

According to the Washington Times:

A Georgia prison yard recently had a special delivery for inmates, when a small helicopter flew over the facility and dropped tobacco products inside the gates, a local news station reported. After a lieutenant at the Calhoun State Prison noticed the unauthorized aerial vehicle, authorities immediately began canvassing the area. After a suspicious black car was found nearby, a search was conducted and two pounds of tobacco was found inside […]

According to ABC News:

[…] A crashed drone carrying contraband, including marijuana, tobacco and cell phones, was found outside the razor wire fence at a maximum security prison in South Carolina. One person has been arrested, however the search for a second suspect has been ongoing since prison officials found the downed aerial vehicle and contraband in the bushes outside Lee Correctional Institute in Bishopville […] It is believed to be the first time the high-tech approach has been taken to smuggle contraband into a South Carolina prison.

We recommend our Stationary Drone Detector for:

Primary Infrastructure: Prisons, Police Stations, and Other Fixed Locations

Secondary Infrastructure: Police Substations, Inmate Work Areas, and More...


We recommend our Portable Drone Detector for:

Key Personnel: Chief of Police, SWAT Teams, Visiting VIPs, Vehicles, and More...

Special Events: Park Concerts, City Events, and More...