How Drone Detection Works

Complete Drone Detection System

Unlike other detection technologies, Drone Detector® can see air, ground, and water-based threats.

The Best Detection Available

360 Degree Protection with Exceptional Detection Range

With a 360 degree detection radius of up to 1 kilometer (2km diameter), Drone Detector can provide ample early warning. Early detection can make all the difference when dealing with an intrusion.

Line-of-Sight Not Needed

Drone Detector does not require Line-of-Sight to work properly. We can detect drones behind trees, buildings, or other obstacles. Our advanced technology can even detect many drones when they are turned on, well before they have an opportunity to cause harm.

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Stationary and Portable Units

Stationary Units

Do you need to protect a facility or some infrastructure? We offer our Drone Detector Stationary Units for just that purpose. These larger units are meant to be deployed to a fixed location, such as a rooftop, to provide the maximum amount of threat protection up to 1 kilometer.

Portable Units (Beta)

Sometimes you need drone detection to go. Our new portable units, currently available as a beta product, can detect threats up to 500 meters and come in a convenient briefcase size form factor.

Worry-Free Equipment

Drone Detector is built from the ground up to be worry free: There are no moving parts in our systems that can wear out, the enclosures are certified for all types of conditions, and they come with an exceptional warranty. Our distribution partners are the best in the business and will ensure a smooth setup experience.

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Communication and Alerts

Email, Text, and Voice Alerts

With Drone Detector you can send alerts to others via email, text, or voice messaging in most countries.

Optional 3G or Satellite Connectivity

For locations that don’t have access to wired or WiFi connections we have an optional 3G cell phone or satellite uplink module to provide communication in remote locations for most countries.

Dry Switch

If you only need a simple switch connection we provide an integrated 5A (@250VAC, 30VDC) control relay (Screw Terminal) for your convenience.

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Technology for
Today and Tomorrow

Detection Signature Updates

Our team works hard to ensure you have the latest protection against drones. We are constantly updating our signature database to make sure you have the best protection possible to deal with emerging threats.

Application Programming Interface (API)

All Drone Detectors come with the ability to have their data consumed by virtually any interface. Leverage the power of a unified API endpoint for accessing data, creating intelligence, and generating interfaces that meet your needs.

Roadmap for the Future

We aren’t content to rest on our success. Drone Detector was built with the future in mind. Today we offer Audio and Radio Frequency detection with Video, Thermal, and Radar detection all planned for future models. We believe that you need multi-layer, defense in depth to have the best drone detection possible.

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