Corporate Security

Corporate Espionage and Harassment of Executives
Can Be Stopped with Drone Detector®

Corporate espionage and harassment of executives are taken to a whole new level by the use of drones. Drone Detector compliments any security plan by providing warnings when unwanted drones are present. Alerts can be integrated into any existing security environment to support a wide range of responses.

According to TechWorld:

A spy drone made from off-the-shelf electronics was demonstrated at both Black Hat and Defcon by its creators, Richard Perkins and Mike Tassey. The model plane — Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform (WASP) — was tricked out with electronics that can crack codes and pick off cellphone calls, and an onboard computer that can execute a flight plan designed to have the plane circle above a target while it does its work. The researchers say that if they can build one, so can just about any country or corporate espionage group that puts its mind to it, so beware.

We recommend our Stationary Drone Detector for:

Primary Locations: Office Buildings, Plants, or Any Facility that Houses Proprietary Information

Secondary Locations: Executive Residential Houses, Vacation Homes, Corporate Housing Areas, and More...


We recommend our Portable Drone Detector for:

Key Personnel: Executives, Security Teams, Visiting VIPs, Vehicles, and Similar

Special Events: Company Retreats, Picnics, or Other Events