The Drone Labs Story

Drone Labs® was founded in July of 2014 by Zain Naboulsi. In the summer of 2014, Zain was discussing drones with a friend. After several hours of discussion on the use of drones in a variety of industries they quickly came to the conclusion that drones were going to either directly or indirectly impact every industry in some way. Both of them realized that these same drones used for good purposes could, quite easily, be used for evil ones as well.

Initially he planned to manufacture drones for agriculture but, after hearing a story about a paparazzi drone invasion, decided to explore the drone detection space instead. Zain tried looking for a good, solid drone detection technology on the market but was unsuccessful. Although there were a lot of startups promising to have solutions they weren’t viable, enterprise-level, products. What was most revealing was that there was no major vendor that specialized in protecting people from drones. So, since it was early in the drone industry and anything seemed possible at the time,Zain decided to create a world-class drone detection system… and Drone Labs was born!

Here is our vision

  • Many thousands of commercial and recreational drones will be in the air over the next few years.
  • People will need to be protected from those bad actors who choose to use drones for illegal activities.
  • The company with the best service and the best drone detection technology will be the industry leader.
  • Drone Labs will be that company.
We believe that the speed at which a customer can be notified of an unwanted drone intrusion plays a very important role in how that customer achieves peace of mind. We at Drone Labs we have put a lot of focus on making sure our customers are protected. In order to do that, we rigorously field-test everything that we sell and, unlike our competitors, we strive to make an all-in-one solution so our customers don’t have to buy a patchwork of systems from multiple vendors to be protected from drones.

People and property need to be safe from unwanted drones.

Zain Naboulsi, CEO of Drone Labs, LLC.

In July of 2014, Drone Labs formalized its plans to join the drone detection market. With a strong passion for customer service, we were very excited to offer a complete drone detection solution. Drone Labs anticipates the drone industry will grow so large that there will be a need to have access to the very best drone detection capabilities possible. We will be there today and tomorrow to protect our customers. Our goal is to position Drone Labs as the drone detection leader. If we can get customers to associate the Drone Labs brand with the absolute best protection and service, then we can continue to expand drone protection capabilities. And, we’re doing just that.