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Why Drone Detector?

At Drone Detector we use state-of-the-art technology to detect the incursion of unwanted drones in your vicinity. The detection system sends alerts that can integrate with existing security protocols. Once detected, we can deploy countermeasures to mitigate the drone threat. Additionally, the data collected by Drone Detector can be used in the apprehension and prosecution of violators through real-time warnings and digital evidence collection with our consulting services group. Watch our introductory video for more information.

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Does Drone Detector work?

Drones can be more than just an annoyance. Drones can invade through the air, on the ground, and even in the water Because of this, they quite literally can come from anywhere. This dramatically increases the possible threat to facilities, individuals, and infrastructures. There is a very wide variety of environments and industries that are susceptible to drone intrusions. Will Drone Detector work for you? Take a look at our demonstration video to find out.

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Detect It Before It Flies

As an active supporter of the Drone community, we highly encourage safe and law-abiding drone flying practices. However, we also understand that there are those amongst us that will seek to take advantage of others through the use of drones or UAV. We are dedicated to securing people and property from unwanted drone intrusions. To that end, we created our flagship product: Drone Detector which can actually detect flying drones prior to takeoff.

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Is Drone Detector Easy to Use?

We understand that there is a wide range of property types and individuals that will be utilizing the Drone Detector. With that in mind, we developed the hardware and software to be extremely user friendly. After the initial installation, which is done by our team of professionals, users have access to our support personnel who will walk you through all the options and be proactive in offering the best uses and solutions for each unique user. Thus, you are alerted to threats based on your personal preferences. If the solution detects a drone or a drone pilot in your vicinity, you will be able to receive a text or voice notification on your preferred device. Drone Detector is there to ensure that you will know when you are the victim of a drone invasion.

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